Oli P in the studio with microphone

This is Oli P the V.O.G (Voice Over Guy)! If you are looking for a voiceover actor with the performance and technical skills to exceed your expectations, you’re in the right place!


If you ask him to get involved in your project, I can promise you that you will be employing someone with a tremendous work ethic, is easy to work with and is utterly professional in his approach.

As you will hear from his demo reels below, he has the ability to adapt his voice to perform scripts from a number of different genre with characters of a range of ages and dialects. If you wish him to provide further examples of reels from any of these areas he will, of course, be more than happy to do so. Please just contact him and he will quickly respond to your request.

Commercial reel
Narrative reel
Audiobook sample – real life story
Dramatic reel
Caricature reel
Character reel
Accents reel
Gaming reel
Meditation reel
Corporate reel
Interactive voice response (IVR) reel
Voice of God reel